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The “3 R’s: Reading, Running and Right-ing” programme is implemented on farms and in rural communities after school hours.  It is based on a philosophy of holistic development and a belief in ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’. 

READING: An hour of the programme focuses on literacy and numeracy development. Our 3 R’s Curriculum is aimed at children from Grade R to 12 and is in alignment with the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum. We integrate our own life themes with each literacy activity to ensure children receive lifelong learning.  Click here to have a look at an example of a Grade 4 worksheet and here for an example of a Grade 7 worksheet. 

Monitoring the Impact of Educational Interventions:
How do we monitor and evaulate the impact on children's education?  Find out here

RUNNING:  For a part of the afternoon the curriculum focuses on the physical development and wellbeing of the children. We focus on fitness, motor skills development, team building and play.
Click here for an example of our sports lessons

RIGHT-ING: We also teach and encourage ‘right’ living. The idea of right living refers to right life style, right choices, right attitude, right behaviour: ‘right me’.  A carefully designed life skills curriculum has been created with the input of a professional drama therapist. This programme aims to build positive self-worth and self-confidence through the use of drama games.

3 R’s Programme Time Frame (allowing for flexibility):
14h00 - 15h00 :  Training for 3 R's facilitator
15h00 - 16h00 :  Literacy/Numeracy hour, remedial and homework support
16h00 - 17h00 :  Life Skills or Sports (each afternoon alternates)
17h00               :  Clean-up and home
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The Anna Foundation is training local farm women to manage the daily running of the 3 R’s Programme. These women live on the farms and are a part of the farming community. They attend a monthly training session with the Anna Foundation in the last week of every month where the 3 R’s curriculum is revised for the upcoming month.
Our facilitators are given tips on explaining lessons and explore various teaching strategies which can be practically implemented in the classroom situation in order to assist the children with their learning abilities. The formal training also involves the planning and feedback on each farm after-school centre and any child related matters.
In addition to the formal monthly training, a Project Manager will regularly visit each project so that the 3 R's facilitators are able get assistance with worksheet questions or advice for any classroom problems they may have. This requires responsibility from the facilitators who have to be prepared with their questions – a contribution to the learning process is also required from their side.
Our goal is to truly uplift the women by giving them the tools and skills they need so that they can feel proud about their role as an educator, enthusiastically grow and grant them with an opportunity to better themselves. Each woman has a responsibility in her role as 3 R's facilitator on the farms and this responsibility must be handled with the deserved respect.

Find out how one 3 R's facilitator is taking the initiative to better her academic skills in order to provide the best after school care she can.  Read on...

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We have a number of incentives ("carrots"!) that keep our children motivated:
Donated computers with educational literacy and numeracy games installed are used at the end of the lessons after an afternoon of hard work.
Bicycles (thanks to the support of the Pedal Power Association) have been stationed at a number of projects for use at the end of an afternoon. Children know that they won't get to ride if they have poor behaviour or a bad attitude. The golden rule: "No Read, No Ride!"
Our children participate in local fun runs and wear the yellow Anna Foundation running kit which really stands out at events.  In order to participate a child must have good attendance, complete the worksheets and be actively involved in the sports and drama lessons. Fun runs give the children an opportunity to interact in society, practice good manners and show off their sporting abilities. At most of the events they go home with a medal of their own. These achievements play a valuable part in building self-esteem.
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With the financial support of the Ackerman Family Education Fund, the 1%Club, and monthly contributions from individuals, the Anna Foundation is able to offer scholarship opportunities to deserving farm children. The school children attend two of the top schools in the area: Stellenbosch Primary and Stellenbosch High. Older Anna Foundation learners who have completed their matric are also supported as they continue to study at tertiary institutions such as Boland College and CPUT. We are very proud to be offering this life changing opportunity to these children.
Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship
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Our projects are based in various rural areas of the Western Cape:

BOLAND: Stellenbosch, Paarl
LANGEBERG/BREEDE RIVER VALLEY: Robertson, Ashton, Montagu, Bonnievale, Worcester
SWARTLAND: Moorreesburg

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Buffet Olives, Paarl

De Morgenzon




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Meerlust Memel


Neethlingshof Nuwerus Prospect Farm, Ashton
Riverside Primary

Stellenzicht Steinthal
 Sustainability Institute           Waterford Estate    

Weltevrede Estate

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