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Director's Message:

We welcomed a guest speaker at this month’s staff training. She asked our staff what they like most about their work at the Anna Foundation. The overwhelming response was that each woman loves the fact that they make a difference in the children’s lives. What a joy to know that the work you do brings happiness to others. Well done ladies (and men!) – and thank you for your passion!

A lot of love was shown to us this month (February = love) in the shape of a very large book donation from Kränzle South Africa, a cycle challenge in preparation for the Absa Cape Epic and a festive visit for our children in Elgin from Bostik and UPS. Lots of very special people, giving so generously, sharing the love…. Making for many happy children all round!


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Right-ing

READING (Literacy/Numeracy): We start the month with a practical lesson about our living bodies which brings the learning to life. Children are required to work in groups and first trace a classmate’s outline on paper. With the help of reference books, the learners then recreate the internal organs and bone structure using everyday materials. The children learn how to care for their bodies which includes hygiene, the importance of exercising and eating correctly. Other topics include families and friends, where children are required to think about what it means to be a true friend to others, good and bad advice, peer pressure and understanding other’s and our own emotions. We explore our 5 senses using many an experiment to introduce the lessons (taste, hearing etc.) which is always a lot of fun.  In addition to the life skills themes, much maths is included in the worksheets with the focus being on measuring distance and volume, as well as interpretation of data and graphs.  

RUNNING (Sport): The children continue with the President’s Challenge (a fitness challenge) and we can already see that there are some positive outcomes in terms of overall endurance. A variety of fun and fast-paced games incorporate the sprints, push-ups and sit-ups and it seems that competition is the ‘carrot(especially among the boys) with children trying to outdo one another in terms of how much they can endure. Take a look at [WATCH] one of the relay games where learners have to complete ‘x amount’ of sit ups (for example) before side stepping or sprinting to the next station. The competition element definitely adds to the extra motivation!

RIGHT-ING (Life skills through drama): One of the reasons that drama is such a wonderful tool to use for life skills education is that even the simplest of games can hold so many layers of meaning. This month as we continue to focus on communication, we share examples of drama games currently being implemented and the many lessons that can be learned from them. 
GRADE R – 3: One of the rhythm games is  played with plastic lids and sticks. The goal is to learn a simple, set rhythm by tapping on top, and underneath your own plastic lid, as well as someone else’s. The results look, feel and sound very impressive. On a basic level, this is an active listening game that teaches children the importance of being focused and attentive. But in order to succeed learners have to use all of the communication, problem-solving and conflict management skills that they learned in our drama lessons last year. Lid positioning is key! If a child is only focused on their own beat, it is easy to forget about the lid they are holding when playing on a partner’s instrument, and this results in conflict and a wave of accusations among the children. In order to resolve the conflict and move forward in the game, the learners have to: (1) Identify the problem (2) Communicate the problem to each other (3) Discuss a solution and (4) Test the solution as a group.  All of this, wrapped up in one fun and simple rhythm game! 
GRADE 4 – 12: Our older groups of learners are especially enjoying the life skills lessons since the introduction of the talk show… Each after-school is currently creating their own (pretend) talk show, complete with a band, technical crew, host and panel of experts. The idea behind this is to give the children a fun and interactive platform where they can talk and think about what they learn and experience in their life skills lessons. It is also a creative way to build vocabulary and public speaking skills. At the moment our projects are in the preparation stage: making gear, creating an original jingle, coming up with a name and practicing the skills of interviewing and being interviewed. As the year goes on and the children become more confident with their shows, we hope to record and share some interesting discussions on our various life skills subjects, straight from the horses’ mouths.

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Gino's Nite Fun Run

For anyone who has done a Saturday fun run, you’ll know that ‘fun’ is the operative word.  But what about a fun run on a school night?!  For the Anna Foundation children in the Boland, there was tremendous excitement at the prospect of a Wednesday-night ride to the Coetzenburg stadium for the first running event on our 2015 sports calendar!  Every year we take our learners to the “Gino’s” and this year was no different other than the fact that we had so many wonderful support runners to assist with our new Grade R children and slower runners. Our trademark yellow tee’s caused heads to turn as children began to warm-up on the athletics track with some of the support runners taking charge and leading the children as to which muscles to stretch.  Lining up, much of the front row were from the Anna Foundation and the children waited in anticipation for the starting gun to fire.  One quick lap around the track and then a winding route through the campus and residential area of Stellenbosch.  It is wonderful to see the smiles engrained in the faces of the Anna Foundation children from the time they set off, right through to the finish line.  It is also fantasitc to see how so many of the children are working towards bettering their own times at each fun run event. They make is proud!

We can’t begin to thank all of our amazing support runners enough for their dedication and assistance!  Thank you all for being so encouraging, and for some, carrying our learners for part of the route. See you all at the next one?!

Thank you to Maties Athletics (Mohamed Ali) for our race entries

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Bostik and UPS Visit Elgin After-School

If you think that the Absa Cape Epic is only about bicycle-riding then you are sorely mistaken. This “Tour de France of mountain biking” has become a platform for riders to reach out to others in need.

Kevin Jacobs completed his first Absa Cape Epic in 2004 and will be tackling the gruelling event again in just a few weeks. Kevin, who is Supply Chain Manager of Bostik South Africa, decided to ride the event for more than himself this time round, and discussed this with his marketing team.  Together with a group from UPS (who handle all of Bostik’s freight), the team recently visited Anna Foundation after-school at Monteith farm in the Elgin Valley. As the visit was made in lieu of the Absa Cape Epic, Kevin gave the children a fun and educational “show and tell”, demonstrating the workings of the bike that he’ll be riding for the challenging 8-day event. The children were then given a taste of what riders have to endure by showing them a short YouTube clip from the 2014 event and watched in awe, and full of questions.  Take a look at the "8 Days in 8 Minutes" clip here ►

Much to our surprise, Kevin had organised for a magician to entertain the children (watching the children was just as entertaining!) before the UPS team treated everyone to a juice and boerewors roll - freshly braaiied and prepared on site! To top the afternoon off, 40 stationery hampers were donated by Bostik, with each child receiving new glue sticks, erasers, colouring pencils and cello tape, among other things that can be used in the classroom.

We’would like to thank Bostik and UPS for all the time and trouble that went into making the afternoon so special (and educational) for our learners.  Thank you to Kevin for making all of this happen – we really appreciate you and will be rooting for you!

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The "Epic Yellow Challenge" - Done and Dusted!

Last month we told you how Braam Gericke and Danie Goosen, are raising funds  as they ride the Absa Cape Epic in support of the Anna Foundation. Despite being in the middle of their harvest season, our ‘farm boytjies’ from Wildekrans Wines successfully completed their “Epic Yellow Challenge” on 21 February, riding from Hermanus to Stellenbosch covered in yellow body paint, yellow wigs and Anna Foundation cycling kit (the challenge was the result of a donation made in exchange for a dare).  A group of our children joined Braam and Danie’s friends and family at the Root 44 Market, and everyone cheered them on as they crossed the ‘finish line’ – a welcome reception for the two men in ‘stunning’ yellow outfits!  And all for a great cause!

To quote these two awesome guys: "We are Anna Foundation all the way!"  We love their commitment and wish them all the best for the last of their training before the start of the Absa Cape Epic on 15 March.

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Thank You

  • Lilla Howe Trust: Financial donation and on-going monthly support
  • Croft Trust: Financial donation and on-going monthly support
  • Dr Brom: Financial donation and on-going monthly support
  • de Villiers Family: Financial donation and on-going monthly support
  • van der Merwe Family: Financial support for school tuition
  • 1%Club Members: Your monthly support helps a great deal
  • Gerald Briers: Supporting us in place of receiving B-day gifts
    Huge thanks to all who donated in the name of your 40th!
  • Media Support: Journalists Annette Theron and Michelle v d Spuy
  • Radio Helderberg: Air time for our "Yellow Challenge" (Vanessa Bourne)
  • Chocolate Orange: Donation of sign boards
  • MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and all our 'card swipers' 
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In line
Kränzle South Africa recently blew us away with a donation of R20 000 towards the purchase of Afrikaans books for our new mobile libraries. If you know what books cost, you'll understand our tremendous gratitude. Rod Dolpire, Kränzle MD, is the man behind the plan and we can't begin to thank him enough for his generosity.



'My Body' Prac
Pasta, ear buds and beans etc. are used to add detail to the model of internal organs
"Testing out" our sense of smell
FACILITATOR: "Name one of your senses?"
CHILD: "Summer"
Wheelbarrow games do wonders for building arm and core strength
Using a paper microphone, the talk show host interviews members of the audience


"One day, when I am finished at the after-school, I want to be a policeman.   Face
Good muscles, bones and a good heart. My family will be happy and thankful. And I will have a good body."



Gino's Start
See the smiles run!


Ginos SuppRunners
Some of our super duper support runners


Bike Demo
Kevin shows the children his 'Epic' bike
Bostik and UPS
The UPS team with Kevin and the donation of stationery hampers sponsored by Bostik South Africa
Bostik Logo UPS Logo
Who wouldn't take a second look?!
Big welcome at the finish
On the last Friday of each month, Hill & Dale Wines hosts their Sundowner Picnic Concert featuring a local artist and presented on their beautiful lawns.
Winemaker Guy Webber has very kindly given us 4 x double tickets to give away for the last concert of the summer season, taking place on 27 March.  The first 4 people to tell us what the trademark colour of the Anna Foundation is, will win a set of tickets. That's it - easy! Enter here ►
Sundowner Picnic Concert


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