Newsletter: April 2016

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Director's Message:

There is a beautiful song that talks about believing in each other, and that when enough people believe in you, that maybe – just maybe – even YOU will believe in YOU! This is so true for the majority of the children we work with. Often just having a teacher believe in the child, is enough to get the ball rolling for the child to begin to see his/her own value. What a privilege to be in a position to impact on a little person’s life in this way. We all of this opportunity somewhere, somehow…. – use it! Make it count 

Already the night temperatures are dropping and the cold sets in. Spare a thought for those who own less blankets and less jerseys than yourself…. Pass on where you can!



3 R's News: Writing the Right Way

Just as reading is a process, so too is writing which is our focus for the month.
Our facilitators are trained as to how they can look for writing opportunities and to support the implementation of the Writing Process in their classrooms: the planning, drafting, editing and publishing of a piece of writing. Drawing a mind-map when planning, supports the development of vocabulary which is fundamental to writing.    

Even Anna’s recent birthday was the inspiration and motivation for the integration of the Writing Process in a multi-grade Foundation Phase class, by making a birthday card for Anna. At some projects, children work in groups writing paragraphs and poems and of course, reading what they have written!

As the saying goes: ’when one writes, one is writing for an audience, even if the audience is oneself.’

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Loving the Laptops

Slowly but surely we are equipping all of our after-schools with laptops and computers. We have downloaded Eduplay software on each one, providing valuable reading and maths games for children from Grade R to high school level, so that all our learners benefit. Outside of the necessity to expose children to the world of computers, there are numerous positives including the improvement of letter recognition on the keyboard, and coordination needed to manoeuvre the mouse (just to mention two points). We have noted a whole lot more:

•   Eduplay games improve eye-hand coordination which is essential (and often lacking) in the younger children.
•   Concentration improves due to the fun means of learning
•   Maths can be practiced over and over and there is no red pen! We see confidence and self-esteem growing due to the non-threatening environment of the computer games. Pen and paper can be inhibiting, especially when it comes to maths.
•   Activities can be selected to meet a child’s specific academic needs
•   One on one teaching can take place and children thrive with this attention
•   Children can work in pairs and older children can mentor younger ones – this is especially encouraging to see at one particular project where the children are generally at odds with each other most of the time!
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 Due to space constraints at our after-school venues we specifically need laptops – not desktops - in working order (preferably with Microsoft already on). We also need speakers, as well as Eduplay sponsors - R1000 per license per computer (thank you to Eduplay for giving us a discounted rate).  If you can help, please contact Carolyn or call 021 - 885 1922

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Green Fingers at Buffet Olives

 Veggies Last month, in collaboration with Water Week, Woolworths donated a water tank and 37 indigenous trees to our Buffet Olives project. The children have thoroughly enjoyed preparing the soil for a new, improved vegetable garden for which they will be responsible including irrigation, de-weeding and at a later stage, harvesting! They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, that's for sure so watch this space

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Thank you to all who have supported us this month!

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In a Row
We are pleased announce that we are now working with the Sustainability Institute in Lyndoch, Stellenbosch. The 58 children attending the after-school live on a number of the surrounding farms (including De Morgenzon, Meerlust, Blaauwklippen) and we are very excited to have them on board!
FACILITATOR: "Who is in charge of a ship?" (looking for the word 'captain'...)
CHILD: "The boat driver!"
 Learning to brainstorm
Learning to plan ideas before writing
Manoeuvring the mouse is tricky at first
 Taking turns


...then dare a friend
Join our Cape Town Marathon running team and receive a free race entry, official race shirt, a sought-after Anna Foundation running shirt, temp license, goody bag and your own personal fundraising trainer!
CT Marathon
For more details email Carolyn


 Thanks to Joubert and Monty Biltong and the organisers of the Pinotage and Biltong Festival for inviting us to be part of your activities for the two-day event on 16 and 17 April.  It was wonderful to be involved!
Pino Biltong Festival


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