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We’ve decided to ‘zip’ our monthly newsletter into a shortened version this month, but still give you a full run down of what we are up to on a quarterly basis. For the in between months we’ll just drop you a couple of pointers sharing what the children are up to in the 3 R’s Programme, and maybe a news worthy story for the month. Quarterly we will send you more detailed news and articles and we’ll highlight and thank all the wonderful people that support our work. Let us know what you think of the change… this newsletter is for you so if you don’t like it, you can tell us 

PLUS: did you know that we have now opened a second office, situated in the town of Montagu (Langeberg district)? As we continue to expand into these rural areas, the need became greater for us to have a presence in the area. If you drive past on Route 62, do pop by!


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Righting

In the education hour we continue on the theme of heroes and also discuss decision-making, choices and peer pressure. Science in our everyday lives is always a favourite due to all the experiments! Does it sink/float in water (density); does it dissolve when stirred in hot/cold water (solutions). Sight, optical illusions, sound, making musical instruments and static electricity with plenty of practical lessons. The topic is not only interesting but an eye-opener, reminding our learners that science is all around us. In the sports leg of the programme we continue our focus on Soccer and the refining (or learning!) of soccer skills. In general all our kiddies our huge soccer fans so no problems in getting them to play this game! Our May life skills lessons centre around anger management for the younger children as this is something we have learnt is a challenging skill for them. How do we work together as a group? How can we share? How to we respond to unkind things others say? For the older group the focus is on cause and effect. What are the consequences of our behaviour and how can we influence this? We have lots of fun games that the learners play in order to practice this skill.

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Revved Up to Read

At the Anna Foundation reading has always been encouraged, practiced and incorporated in the afternoon programme but over the years our children have read most of the post-worksheet readers a few times over. Earlier this year we were thrilled to give our reading libraries a facelift and a very generous donation towards the purchase of new books by Kränzle South Africa made this possible.

Each of our after-schools has a set of brand new Afrikaans story books ranging from beginner to intermediate level, and as a result we have seen a fresh seed of enthusiasm being planted. Some children prefer to sit alone and mouth the words to themselves while others pair up at a desk or in the reading corner and read aloud to a friend. More and more we hear children asking: "Can I read to you?".    

Story Time: Our facilitators are encouraging the use of the books to the max. Many incorporate story time into the afternoon where their learners sit on the mat and listen as their facilitator reads to them. This is not a luxury that all our children get to experience at home.
More Book Nooks:
Another new-ish tool that is adding to the overall development of our children are the Book Nooks! These lockable corner cupboards on wheels not only can house all the after-school’s reading books, but came stocked with even MORE new books, including educational games, puzzles and toys which fit so snuggly onto the shelves of the compact unit! There is even a soft puzzle mat on which to sit and play, or read which can then be dissembled and packed away into the Book Nook again afterwards!
We were recently donated three new Book Nooks by some truly amazing Anna Foundation supporters, much to the delight of both children and facilitators. Our ultimate aim is equip each of our after-schools with one. Four down… ☺

THANKS: Eimear Costigan, and Garron Reynolds (Frikana Farm) for sponsoring these three new Book Nooks, and to Operation Shoebox (Kirsten Dewar, Tracey and Anton Fanton) for adding to the Book Nook kitty and doing all the purchasing and transporting. Another thanks goes to Decorland and Book Dash for an extremely recent donation of books for our foundation phase learners.

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Fun Run a First for Children's Homes

The Safari Fun Run was a first for two of the children’s homes with whom we work. The 50 children who came all the way from Moorreesburg and Tulbagh were so excited about the thought of going all the way to Wellington to run, and we were so excited for them! Such sterling behaviour and good manners from a great bunch of running enthusiasts and they did the Anna Foundation proud!

Thank you, Top Events for the race entries!


Thank you to everyone who has supported us this month!


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In a Row
Stellenbosch: Male volunteer for 1 (or 2) afternoons per week to assist with, motivate and inspire a group of young boys from 15h00 - 17h00. 
Robertson/Ashton: Helpers needed for education leg of our programme. Must be able to commit to 1 afternoon per week. No qualifications needed.
Can you help? Please contact Carolyn
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CT Marathon
Learning about sound
Mother May I
Drama Games: "Mother May I" helps to build negotiation skills
Book Nook Riverside
The children at Riverside Primary showing off the content of their new Book Nook
FACILITATOR: "What can you do when a friend is feeling sad?"
CHILD: "Give him chocolate... or some caviar!"
Safari Run
Nearing the finish line


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