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Director's Message:

I can hardly believe that September is over… does technology and the age of connectivity make time go faster? I wonder. Well for me this has meant the planning for 2017 has started. I like to get my ducks in a row during October and November so that when schools reopen in January, we get cracking with a bang! We’ve put the word out for any new farms that are wishing to get involved in 2017: from Cape Town (yes there are farms in our beautiful mother city!) to Durbanville, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester. We also have some great new plans up our sleeves for 2017… The time has come to really reach out to our teens moving up through the programme and we will be offering them coaching and workshops specific to their world in 2017. I’m also really excited about increasing our reach through workshops with the parents of these children – we HAVE to stand together to make a difference!

So please feel free to pass on our information to anyone you think could benefit from our services. We are here to make a difference and that’s exactly what we will continue to do!


Welcome to Two New Projects

We are very excited to welcome two new projects on board this month: 49 children and 3 facilitators at Leipzig Primary (Nuy Valley) and Rouxbyn Farm (pictured) near Worcester, with 13 learners in the care of 1 facilitator.  The after-schools are up and running and the children are thoroughly enjoying the 3 R's programme activities. Welcome to the family!

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3 R's News: Reading, Running, Righting

Reading: We are always looking for effective ways to introduce our children to new texts and to focus on reading for meaning and enjoyment. Shared Reading is a whole-class activity: the children follow a text together, listening to how the punctuation, expression and intonation should sound, as the facilitator reads to them. With older learners multiple copies of the same text are needed while with younger children, Big Books or enlarged texts are used while the facilitator points to each line as it is read aloud.      

And the best thing about Shared Reading? Children are encouraged to join in and this makes it an inclusive activity which can be used with a range of reading abilities. Joyful reading experiences make for confident, independent readers!

In the sports (Running) hour we continue with the touch rugby theme while in the drama lessons (Right-ing) we see tremendous progress in the manner in which children solve real-life problems. Using a "Dear Abby" letter in which a personal problem is expressed, learners are put into 3 groups. Each group is required to think of either a good solution, a bad solution or the worst solution to the problem which they then act out in order to see the consequence of the advice they have given. It is wonderful to see the learners come up with constructive, realistic ways in which a situation can potentially be solved, and also that they are aware of how they could make a problem worse!

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Pump Track Launch

We celebrated the official launch of our new cycling Pump Track at our Buffet Olives project on 22 September with friends and invited guests. The track was designed by Eckhardt Kühn (Adrenaline Activities Coordinator at Cascade Manor) and built under his expert supervision with a team of Anna Foundation children who were very ‘hands-on’, right from the very beginning!

Among guests present were a number of well-known faces in the biking world, including professional MTB-er Adriaan Louw, Junior SA Downhill Champ, Coenie Slabbert, and staff from the Absa Cape Epic for which we are one of the Official Charities.     

After an opening welcome by Buffet Olives CEO, Richard Allen, Anna shared with guests details surrounding the “3 R’s + 1 = Riding” project and the purpose of the bikes, which have the ability to teach the children way more than just biking skills!
A red ribbon wrapped around six brand new BMX bikes was cut, while yellow balloons were released into the sky, in celebration of the exciting occasion. The children were itching to get onto the track (and so were many of the guests)!
The bicycles will be stationed at Buffet Olives and used as an incentive. No Read, No Ride! Only those who attend the after-school regularly, complete their work, and show the right attitude will be allowed to use the bikes, which will be managed under Eckhardt’s supervision. Eckhardt has a desire to share his bicycling skills and teach valuable life skills through coaching the Buffet Olives children. Sessions will take place on a Friday afternoon. More photos here

Thank you to Buffet Olives, Eckhardt Kühn, Cascade Manor, Dragon Sports and the Absa Cape Epic for your roles in our Bike Project. Thanks also to Thomas Talkner Photography and Catherine Kühn for the photos.

What is a Pump Track? A small, looped track with high curved corners and smooth dirt mounds for pumping. The rider uses their upper and lower body to “pump” their way around the track, which enables them to keep speed without having to pedal.

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Fun Runs Galore

September has been a busy month! We took children to the Cell C Day of Races, the Cape Town Peace Run (both in Cape Town!) and the Moore Stephens Night Run in Stellenbosch. For a number of children these running  events were their first. It's clear that we have some pretty talented athletes out there, but run or jog, the medals really do make each child feel like a winner!

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In a Row
Thomas Talkner Photography
Gun Run
 Come be a support runner and #RunWithUs as we bring 200 children from the Langeberg for the Gun Run 5km Fun Run in Cape Town on 16 October 2016!
Online entries have closed but you can still enter at the various race entry collection points, and entries for the Fun Run will also be available on the day near the 5km start line (in the Top Events tent).
We are extremely proud to be the official charity for the 2016 OUTsurance KFM Gun Run
 Child talking about his best friend:
Faces  "When he swims in cold water, he goes pink, pink, pink!"
Some of the children from Rouxbyn farm with their new 'readers'
Shared Reading
Shared Reading
Drama lesson
Balloon launch!
Anna (Director), Marc Erasmus (Cape Epic), Struan Buchanan (one of The Three Oaks), Karl Ebel and Richard Allen (Buffet Olives) with children from Buffet Olives farm
Warm up Run
A group of boys from Neethlingshof farm joined in the Gun Run's Wednesday Warm-up run in Cape Town again. The received so much attention and look who they also got to meet and pose with: KFM Breakfast DJ, Sibs Mafu!
Peace Run Medals
Children from the Sustainability Institute and Neethlingshof farm with their Peace Run medals
 Hadlay Water Station
We had a super-smooth team for the Cape Town Marathon as we manned a water station on 18 September! Huge thanks to our friends at Somerset College, and our two awesome volunteers, Hadlay and David who rose extra early to help us hand out water and coke to runners as they whizzed by.
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