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Director's Message:

I was so excited to get spontaneous feedback  from an external source working in one of the rural schools that some of our beneficiaries attend. She wrote on twitter how the three children in the school’s Grade 3 class that were also beneficiaries of the Anna Foundation after school programmes stood out from the rest of the class. ‘The kids are mature, involved, concentrate and partake’. The teacher at the day school gave such great feedback about the children that were at the Anna Foundation after school. She says she could see that these kids were getting more than just basic schooling.

What a joy for us to get this type of feedback. I just love to know we are making a difference!


Holidays & Reading, Running, Right-ing News

At the June training session our facilitators were equipped with loads of creative ideas with which to keep the children busy during the holidays and the results… well, let’s just say that a lot can be done with household items that would normally be put into the recycling bag! There was also some baking, sports plenty of games being played!

A mid-month training session was held for all facilitators at the end of the school holidays in preparation for the 3rd term’s “Reading, Running, Right-ing” curriculum. In the education hour we discover dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals with a fun practical lesson to demonstrate different habitats. We’re playing touchies and netball in the sports lessons while in the drama (life skills) our Grade R – 3’s are learning about emotions and how to empathise. Through story-building the Grade 4 – 12’s are exploring bullying, addiction and conflict management.

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Camping with Outward Bound

During the holidays a group of our high school learners from the Langeberg region went on a 3-day camp with Outward Bound, just outside of Robertson. We asked them how they enjoyed it and the word that came up the most was “cold”! One can’t really blame them as they did seem be camping in one of the coldest weeks we have seen this year so far (3 degrees in a tent on the mountain!). They certainly were kept busy: hiking, cooking meals over a fire and building rafts, which seemed to be the favourite activity. The teens learned to work together, to listen and a help one another, making new friends in the process and of course, sharing plenty of laughs. Despite the cold, there is no doubt they will have fond memories of their Outward Bound experience!

As a follow on from this experience we are now offering these teens a 1 month leadership and career guidance workshop. Let’s hope they make the most of these exciting opportunities!

Thank you to Outward Bound (Julie) for granting our learners this fantastic opportunity.

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Mandela Day Celebrations

On 17 July three farms were visited by three very special companies who totally spoiled our learners in lieu of Mandela Day. Staff members from WOSA, the Aleit Group and Woolies (Wellington) spoiled our children with braaiied boerewors rolls, games and treats. They also donated a whole lot of stationery, sports equipment and educational resources!

A huge thank you to Wines of South Africa (WOSA), the Aleit Group and the Woolies Wellington food team for tremendous generosity and for making our children feel so special in celebrating Madiba's memory.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported us this month!

Lilla Howe Trust | Croft Trust | Dr Brom | 1Percent Club Members | de Villiers Family | van der Merwe Family | Hyman Goldberg Foundation | Magda van Schalkwyk


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In a Row
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Cape Wine Auction
We are incredibly grateful to the Cape Wine Auction trustees for their faith in our work and for their extremely generous contribution made to the Anna Foundation as a result of this years' auction.
Being spoiled on Mandela Day:
"What flavour is the juice?"
"Yellow flavour."
Holiday Crafts
Holiday Crafts
"We're learning about dinosaurs!"
Thank you to the staff at VinPro who so kindly started a "Winter Warmer collection at their office for our children! Our learners were so delighted to receive all the jackets, socks, scarves, gloves and beanies which have made a huge difference to them this chilly winter. 
VinPro Winter Warmers
Mandela Day Woolies
Mandela Day: Woolies at Buffet Olives
WOSA Mandela Day
Mandela Day: Stellenzicht children sing for the group from WOSA
Mandela Day
Mandela Day: The Aleit Group at Neethlingshof


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