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Appropriately timed with spring, our academic theme this month has been all about healthy foods and how our bodies benefit from eating the right stuff. To add to all this 'healthy body' talk, our super-fit children had a blast at the Peace Fun Run in Cape Town. A big "Thank You" to all our wonderful support runners for joining us. We have a couple more fun runs still... if you can keep up

Facilitators shining, volunteers selflessly giving and fun events around the corner  (Pub Quiz, Robertson Wine on the River, Bonnievale Bonanza Fun Run). Fasten your seatbelts because this year is flying by!


3 R's News: Reading, Running, Right-ing

READING (literacy/numeracy): We continue with the theme of rubbish and recycling by doing a practical lesson where the children are required to make something they can use from everyday waste. It is amazing to see the ideas and planning in motion with many creative and practical items being made as a result: a toilet roll marionette, a cereal box peak cap and some stunning garbage bag outfits! We continue with healthy eating, exploring not only at different fruits and vegetables and their health benefits, but also the different food groups. The children learn about the food pyramid and what it means when we talk about ‘eating a balanced diet’. We take a look at beans, seeds and how plants germinate. A new world is discovered when the children realise where certain foods originate and enjoy using their senses to examine a few examples: herbs (leaves), spices (often roots), tea (leaves) and coffee (beans). The older learners find out more about the agriculture and farming sector, including safety signage, interpreting data (rainfall and crops), and the South African economy/food production. At the end of each worksheet there is reference to complete a selection of numeracy exercises from the Edupeg work books.

RUNNING (sport): We focus on fitness and agility while continuing to practice ball skills. Each sports lesson begins with a warm-up, sometimes in the form of a fun game, such as “Frogs in the Mud”. This game is like the old favourite, “Stuck in the mud” but requires everyone to be on their haunches, like a frog. Games such as volley-net-ball add a slight twist to the usual volleyball game and the children have to pass the ball three times on their side of the court before they can throw it over to their opponent’s team. One-leg jumping relay races, skipping ropes, obstacle relays - they’re all not only highly beneficial in ensuring the children get rid of their pent-up energy from a day in the classroom but also keep our learners fit and guaranteed to make the sports lessons fun!

RIGHT-ING (life skills through drama): During last few weeks of term 3 the grade R – 3 groups discover how special they are. First we look at different kinds of animals and then try to imagine the world if it were filled with only one type of animal. How silly (and scary) would it be if we only had chickens?! We then ask the same question about people: what would the world be like if we all looked and behaved exactly the same? The children appreciated and celebrate their diversity by composing their own funky beat with their name, to create a personalised and unique rhythm. Each child has a turn to demonstrate their ‘name-rhythm’ (complete, with moves) to their classmates before we move on to the next dance.

The grade 4 – 12’s creative problem-solving skills are put to the test – leaners are divided into small groups and each group is required to come up with an every-day problem and then act it out for the rest of the class. After everyone has presented their problems, we trade stories, getting the children to act out a solution to the story that they were given. We have seen some wonderfully creative, yet practical solutions to the problems that the children have been presented with. Games such as this help children realise that they are more capable and in control of their actions (and therefore their lives) than they realise. It also serves as practice for real-life conflict situations.

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Symphony and Soup

On 18 September, eleven very excited children from Excelsior Wines in Ashton, accompanied by facilitator Petro, were taken to Montagu for a most enlightening outing. The Rural Arts Development Foundation (RAD) very kindly sponsored our children to attend the “Symphony and Soup” evening – a concert by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra… with a bowl of warm soup as the ‘overture’!

The symphony orchestra concert had an educational angle to it, specially aimed at the children in the rural town and they played many tunes to which the children could clap along and even jive to the music! Classical music and orchestral instruments are not often heard or seen in the farming communities so although the experience was all a bit new to our leaners, they looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.  

Our children were incredibly well-behaved throughout the outing and were outstanding ambassadors for the Anna Foundation. We were especially proud as they caused much interested from the other concert-goers from Montagu, with people remarking on how smart they looked in their Anna Foundation t-shirts and beanies.  We have to agree!

Thank you to our after-school project volunteer, Avril Elkington, for all your arranging of this outing and to the RAD Foundation for so kindly sponsoring our learners to attend the fantastic concert.

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An Eventful Weekend: Fun Peace Run...

Approximately 100 of our Boland children were taken to Cape Town for the Peace Fun Run on 20 September. The children arrived early, looking very smart in their running kit and everyone congregated before the race for a mass warm-up session.  A number of the children’s parents joined us for the run and in addition, our valued support runners who were all a tremendous help, not only by staying with the younger children during the run, but by generally making themselves useful and assisting with the pinning of race numbers on t-shirts and keeping the children together at the end.  With two magnificent backdrops - the Cape Town stadium and majestic Table Mountain - it was not only the fun run that was the highlight of the outing but being in the big city and running alongside the ocean which added to the excitement. The Anna Foundation children finished the 4.2km run in a flash and made a very good impression on the race organisers. Once everyone was done, the children could enjoy hot dogs on the grass before the bus ride back to the Bosch.

A huge thanks to Aty Burger and Mike Russon for making this outing (with refreshments) possible. Thank you also, to all the parents and support runners and to WP Athletics for the discounted race entries.

...and a Water Station

Well before the crack of dawn, we headed out from Stellenbosch to Liesbeek Parkway to run our water station for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon.  The Anna Foundation station comprised of a group from Bellevue farm and a team of students from Somerset College Senior. After carrying endless sachets of water, crates of coke and tubs of ice from point A to B… then to C (and back to B), it was time for action!  Having our water station situated early in race (at the 9th km) meant that things would be over relatively quickly. The first runners – the elite athletes - flew by at an average pace of +4:15/km (!) and then the tidal-wave of 4000 marathon runners followed…  Despite an uncooperative wind the clearing up of water sachets went relatively quickly, although it does help to have an eager, hands-on team and it was a great experience to be involved.

Thank you to everyone from Bellevue and all the students who gave up their Sunday lie-in (school holidays for Somerset College), in particular Mrs Tessendorf.  A special shout-out to our ever-willing Robyn Scott who helped us both the run and water station!

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Valuable Volunteers: Meet Avril

Volunteers are valuable! Avril Elkington has been volunteering once a week at our Excelsior/Arabella project in Ashton since March this year and has been committed to helping a group of Foundation Phase (grade R – 3) learners.  We truly value Avril’s hands-on help and she is making a tremendous difference at the after-school.

AF: Tell us about yourself
AVRIL: I am a 55 year old woman, with a passion for life, who loves to laugh and enjoy myself. I try very hard to be positive as I believe I am responsible for how my day turns out, no matter what it may bring. I love nature and being outdoors, whether it be on my legs or on my mountain bike. I am a bit of a health fanatic and enjoy being active.

AF: What made you decide to volunteer with us?
AVRIL: I have a history of working with children in the past and was looking for an opportunity to be involved again.

AF: What kind of work do you do with the children at the after-school?
AVRIL: I volunteer once a week and work with grade 2 children, helping firstly with homework and then with Anna Foundation worksheets. I then also take the grade 1 remedial children and work through the Anna Foundation remedial manual for the children who struggle a bit with reading, writing and numeracy.

AF: What do you enjoy most about working with the Ashton children
AVRIL: I just love being with the children and seeing how they progress from week to week given the challenges that they face every day.

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Thank You

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  • 1%Club Members: Your monthly support helps a great deal
  • Guy Webber: Generous donation
  • Somerset College, Bellevue Farm Volunteers, Robyn Scott and all our support runners
  • Wines with Heart: On-going financial support
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In a Line


We are extremely proud of facilitators, Cynthia Kobeni and Leana Claasen, both winners at their respective regional prize giving ceremonies for the Farmworker of the Year Awards.
Cynthia (Graham Beck, Robertson) won 1st prize in the Social Development category for the Langeberg, while Leana (Dornier/Waterford, Stellenbosch) won the award for "Best Potential" in the Boland competition. Our category winners will now compete on Provincial level in October to determine the overall winner in their respective categories. We wish our two "Stars" the best of luck!


Rubbish Prac
"Rubbish practical"


Where do plants come from?
Herbs don't always smell as nice
as when you're older!


Agile jumping games in the sports


Drama Rhythm
Dancing and clapping out 'name rhythms' in the drama lesson


Half of the group with facilitator Petro before the symphony concert


 ... and the other half of the group



Peace Run
Flying off at the start of the Fun Run



Peace Run Interview
Selwyn and Cashwill were interviewed by SABC sports presenter, Vaylen Kirtley!


Water Station
CT Marathon: Standing out, as usual!


Avril Elkington: Valuable volunteer



FACILITATOR: "Where do we get tea from?"

CHILD: "Rooibos!"


Map here ►
We're bringing 200+ of our Langeberg children!
WHAT:  5km Multisave Fun Run
ENTRIES: At the venue at R20
Enquiries: Carolyn  |  021 - 885 1922


Teams of 8, fantastic team and spot prizes to be won, dress up, and EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Members: R180  |  Non-Members: R250
Cost Includes a pub meal & drink, professionally-run quiz and donation to Anna Foundation


31 October - 2 November
Mountain Bikes, Quad Bikes, Fun Runs, Live Music, Food, Food, Food, Crafts, Old Cars...
The list goes on!  Visit the Bonnievale Bonanza website for full details on their jam-packed weekend program ►


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