This programme is implemented from 14:00 until 17:00 daily on various farms and at various rural schools in the Western Cape.

The 3 Rs programme (Reading, Running and Right-ing) is implemented on farms, in rural schools and within other rural environments during after-school hours for children from grade R to 12. (Right-ing referring to ‘right living’). The programme involves education, sports and life skills activities and has been professionally designed by educational specialists, a drama therapist and drama play specialist (life skills programme) and specialists in Human Movement studies (sports programme). The aim of the 3 Rs programme is to offer children lifelong learning and build positive self-worth and self-respect.

R eading

Reading: In the ‘Reading’ hour, each child receives a grade-specific worksheet which includes literacy and numeracy activities that are in alignment with the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum. Activities in the worksheets are central to the life skills theme for the month. Homework support is offered and remedial assistance is given to those children with learning barriers, many of whom have various degrees of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

R unning

Running: The sports programme has carefully designed lessons for each week (2 lessons per week for a full year) aiming to increase fitness levels, improve motor skills, develop team work and introduce the children to new types of sports.

R ighting

Right-ing: Our life skills lessons are taught through drama games. The focus of this programme is to instil values and deal with social issues by developing communication skills, problem solving skills, creativity and imagination as well as learning to have empathy for others. Drama helps children to develop confidence and positive self-esteem.