We have various incentives (‘carrots’!) that help to keep our children motivated:

Computers: Educational software (literacy/numeracy games) has been downloaded onto the computers which are used during the educational hour as a means of enhancing and facilitating learning.

Bicycles: Bikes are stationed at a number of projects for use at the end of an afternoon. Children know that they won’t get to ride if they do not finish their academic work, have poor behaviour or a bad attitude. ‘No Read, No Ride!’

At one of our Boland projects we even have a pump track which has been built (with the help of the children) by a local, expert trail-builder and downhill mountain biker! The children at this project receive coaching every Friday afternoon, and learn about bike mechanics and other valuable life skills through the use of the bikes.

Fun Runs: The children participate in a number of fun runs during the year. In order to take part, a child needs to have a good attendance record, be actively involved in the 3 R’s programme and show right behaviour. Fun runs give the children an opportunity to interact in society, practice good manners and show off their running talent. Our children are easy to spot in their yellow Anna Foundation running kit and at most of the events, they go home with a medal of their own. These achievements play a valuable part in building self-esteem.