This programme is implemented from 14:00 until 17:00 daily on various farms and at various rural schools in the Western Cape.

The “3 R’s: Reading, Running and Righting” programme (Righting referring to ‘right living’) is implemented on farms, in rural schools and within other rural environments after school hours for children from Grade R to 12.  The programme involves education, sports and life skills activities and has been professionally designed by educational specialists (educational programme), a drama therapist and drama play specialist (life skills programme) and persons with specialisation in Human Movement studies (sports programme). The aim of the 3 R’s programme is to offer children life-long learning and to build positive self-worth and self-respect.

Reading: In the ‘Reading’ hour, each child receives a grade-specific worksheet which includes literacy and numeracy activities that are in alignment with the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum. Activities in the worksheets are central to the life skills theme for the month. Homework support is offered and remedial assistance is given to those children with learning barriers, many of whom have various degrees of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Running: The sports programme has carefully designed lessons for each week (2 lessons per week for a full year) aiming to increase fitness levels, improve motor skills, develop team work and introduce the children to new types of sports.

Right-ing: Our life skills lessons are taught through drama games. The focus of this programme is to instil values and deal with social issues by developing communication skills, problem solving skills, creativity and imagination as well as learning to have empathy for others. Drama helps children to develop confidence and positive self-esteem.


We have various incentives (‘carrots’!) that help to keep our children motivated:

Computers: Educational software (literacy/numeracy games) has been downloaded onto the computers which are used during the educational hour as a means of enhancing and facilitating learning.

Bicycles: Bikes are stationed at a number of projects for use at the end of an afternoon. Children know that they won’t get to ride if they do not finish their academic work, have poor behaviour or a bad attitude. ‘No Read, No Ride!’

At one of our Boland projects we even have a pump track which has been built (with the help of the children) by a local, expert trail-builder and downhill mountain biker! The children at this project receive coaching every Friday afternoon, and learn about bike mechanics and other valuable life skills through the use of the bikes.

Fun Runs: The children participate in a number of fun runs during the year. In order to take part, a child needs to have a good attendance record, be actively involved in the 3 R’s programme and show right behaviour. Fun runs give the children an opportunity to interact in society, practice good manners and show off their running talent. Our children are easy to spot in their yellow Anna Foundation running kit and at most of the events, they go home with a medal of their own. These achievements play a valuable part in building self-esteem.


Women from the rural communities are trained as 3 R’s facilitators. They work with the children on a daily basis, implementing the 3 R’s Programme. The majority do not have a background in education but receive on-going training given by the Anna Foundation, equipping them with skills and providing them with the support they need to successfully run the programme in the afternoons. This training includes monthly workshops as well as weekly on-site assistance from Anna Foundation project managers. In the process these women are empowered, providing sustainable support for the children within their own community.



As an extension of the work we do with rural children, we offer training and workshops to the parents of these children with the aim of having greater impact on the entire household of each child. These workshops skill parents and caregivers in methods to stimulate their children educationally in the home, using practical and fun ways of learning. We teach parents how to read with their children, how to use every day activities as learning opportunities and how to nuture and cultivate a home that is a positive and uplifting space for children.

Other specific areas of focus in these workshops include discussions relating to discipline in the home, alcohol matters, sexual abuse, pregnancies and similar social issues.



img_2428_1With the financial support of the Ackerman Family Education Fund, the 1%Club, and monthly contributions from individuals, the Anna Foundation is able to offer scholarship opportunities to deserving farm children. These children are selected for the scholarship programme on merit. The children attend some of the top town schools in their area including Stellenbosch Primary, Robertson Primary and Stellenbosch High, while older Anna Foundation learners who have completed their matric are also supported as they continue to study at tertiary institutions such as Boland College and Bergzicht Training Centre. We are very proud to be offering a truly life changing opportunity to these children!