Reading (Education): The current worksheet theme is “My Body”. Facilitators are trained how to incorporate creative and exciting introductions to make lessons more effective and bring the theme to life. Hangman, spelling competitions and even drawing with feet or blindfolded is a huge hit but also very effective!  Fun games incorporated into the topic help children practice spelling which will ultimately enhance their writing skills and help them remember what they learn. Relay

Running (Sport): Sit-ups, planking, sprints and endurance running are currently on the “sports menu”. Timing and keeping written record of each child’s physical ability forms part of the President’s Challenge which tracks each child’s level of fitness and helps to build core strength. In between timing the children, active games such as obstacle courses and sack races not only help to increase fitness even further but are also a whole lot of fun!

Righting (Life Skills): We start the year with a contract – a contract between children and facilitators, written together. These are not rules but rather a list of what children and facilitators both need to do in order for everyone to have fun and participate in the drama lessons effectively.  It is signed in a creative manner (eg. elbow prints) by everyone. Once the contract is signed, we then play “circle games” which help children to learn the value of working together and this prepares our students for the more “serious” drama games which are to come.