“This time last year, I wrote that ‘TAKE ACTION’ would be our buzzword for 2022… and I am extremely proud to say that absolutely YES – we took action this year! We made up for all the missed opportunities of the previous 2 years with our children having attended running, cycling, dancing, art and theatre events. We brought in additional teachers and volunteers at our projects to assist with academic challenges, we stocked all our after-schools with an array of new educational materials and reading books and we revamped all our computers and upgraded our Wi-Fi at the after-schools. All the children were well fed every day and we doubled that up with daily multivitamins to further boost their immunity… And if this wasn’t enough throughout the year, we ensured every child was made to feel extra special with their very own Santa shoebox – handed out at their end-of-year party. I think the children have had a great year, in and out of the classroom! We believe in their holistic development and we definitely achieved this goal in 2022.

Thank you to those who were able to attend our Year End Showcase. What a wonderful
opportunity to share our successes with so many of you! We are incredibly grateful to
everyone who has contributed to this extremely successful year. It is truly a privilege for us
to be able to do the work we do because of people like you!”

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