South Africa’s youth unemployment rate has been declared a national crisis. A lack of job-readiness was identified as one of the main attributing factors to this crisis. There seems to be a skills mismatch between the competencies youth need to succeed in the workplace and those they actually possess. One key approach to overcoming this challenge is through the provision of life skills training. The program addresses both cognitive and non-cognitive abilities to increase participants’ well-being and to help them develop into active and productive members of their communities. It therefor combines the personal skills that all youth need in their daily lives with specific workplace readiness skills youth need for future employment. Our vision with this programme is to empower young people to achieve social and economic success.

Teenagers who participate in the programme must attend the after school in order to complete all homework and school projects. They have access to computers and internet in support of this goal. They attend monthly workshops hosted by specialised Anna Foundation staff and trainers. These workshops address the skills required to positively influence their personal behaviour, social attitudes and workplace readiness.