As part of the Anna Foundation teenage workshops through USIKO our teenagers enjoyed an energising hike in the valley of Jonkershoek.   For many of our teenagers, (who do not have the opportunity to have outings like this and often just stay on their farms on the weekend,) this was a really unique experience.  They all enjoyed the walk and engaging with nature.  The hike was beautifully organised by USIKO and we are very grateful to them.   Leana Claasen our life skills coordinator who accompanied the teenagers said the following about this day:  “This experience wasn’t just about the hike.  For me it was an analogy about my life (as well as for many of the teenagers).  We reached a steep hill which we all knew we would struggle up and one which I initially was reluctant to climb.  However when I started walking, I felt empowered and others were assisting me until we reached the top flat area.  The hike for me represented the obstacles in my life , which I have now overcome and things have now got easier especially with a helping hand.  It wasn’t just a hike for me.”