Three facilitator trainings took place during the 3rd tem. Trainings were consistently well attended and we welcomed six new facilitators to the group namely, Chaldene Willemse (Esperance Farm), Nyemeka Gcanga (Klawervlei Farm), Jody Botha (Nuystasie Primary), Margaret Windvogel (Simonsig Farm), Pamela Miller (Buffet Olives) and Asanda Hlekani (Leipzig Primary).

July training

The facilitators received feedback regarding the June examination and learner reports were distributed. Training focused on teaching grouping techniques to younger learners while the older learners were schooled in the two new division techniques utilised at schools. Emphasis was placed on using practical methods to teach division to the foundation phase learners, including utilising containers, counters, bottle tops and whiteboards. For the language component, a new method to teach blend sounds was illustrated and the facilitators were shown complementary teaching resources.

August training

Maths training concentrated on fractions: specifically the identification, naming and representation of fractions, as well as addition and subtraction of fractions. The facilitators were provided with additional teaching resources for effective lesson implementation.

Language training aimed at improving comprehension. Facilitators were taught to incorporate language, phonics, vocabulary and creative writing lessons to our Key Links resource books and encouraged to approach lessons more creatively.

September training

The objective of the September training was to teach singular and plural rules as well as the presentation and interpretation of data in tabular and graphic form. Additionally, facilitators were educated on developing a daily time schedule for projects so that the sufficient time is spent on the 3Rs Programme.