Monday, 11 March 2019

The Expresso Morning Show – SABC 3 featured the Anna Foundation as part of their regular Mandela Monday features. The filming itself took place on a scorching summer’s afternoon in February at our Simonsig after-school, where the Morning Show Team impressed us with their professionalism and efficiency. We love the final product, which captures our 3Rs programme in less than 5 minutes!

View the feature here:

Carol Sampson, senior project manager, explains the 3 Rs
“For the first R, Reading, we focus on literacy and numeracy. We know that this is a problem in South Africa’s educational system, so at our after-schools we provide worksheets both for Maths and Afrikaans. The second R refers to Running. This refers to our sports programme. As many South African kids are not active, we encourage them to become active by doing sport, games and activities at our after-school programme. Our third R, which refers to Right-ing, actually refers to right living: this is where develop the learners’ life skills. We know that for learners to be confident and successful in life, they need certain life skills, therefore we develop each learner holistically.”