Sensing the synergy between the values of her employer, Corteva AgriScience and those of The Anna Foundation, the big hearted Aty Burger nominated us in a company-wide #InItForGood competition as her NGO of choice. Not only did she do us proud, but she won us a whopping R10,000!

The aim of the #InItForGood competition focussed on:

1) For the good of farmers  – increasing livelihoods & sustainable farming

2) For the good of the land – soil health

3) For the good of communities – empowering women and the youth

4) For the good of the planet – reducing greenhouse gases, conserving water, enhancing biodiversity

To show our allegiance to the cause, the Anna Foundation community got together and drew a colourful representation of these key messages.

“I’m really quite excited about this new global campaign of ours and I think our values speak to the Anna Foundation’s 3R’s.

Our values are: “Enrich lives, Stand tall, Be curious, Build together, Be upstanding and Live safely.”  And our slogan is #KeepGrowing!”

– Aty Burger