In addition to the very specific after-school support we offer our high school students, we also hold a monthly workshop for them at a central venue which forms part of our Teenager Programme. These workshops are seen as a privilege (they must attend the after-school regularly in order to qualify and are aimed at inspiring them for their futures. Workshops each with its own theme – are planned and brought to life by Une Conradie, designer of our current life skills curriculum.

February’s workshop focus was on self-esteem and our Boland teens learned a new repertoire of skills through creative, hands-on activities. One of the creative methods can be seen demonstrated in the photo link below.

The task: choose 5 x recyclable items – something we would normally perceive as rubbish – and think about what their value and purpose could be (this group saw them as percussive instruments). The aim: to teach the learners to look at themselves in a different light and to be able to recognise their own potential.