It is safe to say the Cape winter has arrived. Many of our projects and families in the Langeberg region were impacted by the floods recently experienced. We are grateful for the support we could offer these children during this time, and for the many helping hands that donated blankets, warm clothing and food.

We have had an incredibly full 6 months. We welcomed 2 new projects on board, offering 60 new children access to our programmes and support. New projects require significant investment from our core staff and I am so grateful to our project managers for their commitment and unfailing energy! We continued to deepen our focus on reading, but specifically reading with meaning, as the most recent statistics illustrate that 4 out of 5 children aged 10 cannot read for meaning. In any language. This must remain a core focus of our interventions as we continue to make a lasting impact in these children’s lives. We aim to restock all our libraries on the farms and hope that this will ignite a love for books and the many adventures they can offer the children.

In this report you will learn of the many other avenues for adventure we have offered our learners this year: through sports, theatre and dance! I trust you will join us in feeling great gratitude for the little bits we are all doing to bring joy to the lives of others.

Thank you for being a part of these adventures.