This has been a whirl wind year! We set ourselves the ambitious goal of incorporating 200 new children into our programmes in 2024 … I am pleased to report that we have exceeded that goal with a total of almost 300 new children already! These children have been benefitting from our programmes since the start of 2024 and continue to enjoy the benefits on a daily basis. We extended our reach into the Elgin valley at the start of the year, incorporating 7 new projects into our fold. We provide training to 13 new women every 2 weeks, ensuring they are equipped with the many skills they require to successfully manage their after schools. These women have been incredibly enthusiastic during all their training sessions, thirsty for knowledge and eager to grow. What a joy to help these women in such a receiving space!

In addition to our Elgin focus, we opened a new project in Rawsonville, offering over 100 children daily access to our programmes. This project has created 8 new job opportunities for local women who we train on a weekly basis. Our partnership with the school and with Du Toitskloof Fairtrade Initiative has ensured the phenomenal success of the programme to date. We now venture into new territory as we assist the school even further by offering remedial support to all foundation phase learners during school hours. I am truly excited to see the direct impact all our interventions will make by the close of 2024!

There’s much to say; I will leave it to the rest of this report to fill you in. Thank you for caring and being a part of our community – we are privileged to share all this exciting news with you!