Mariska Goliath is a member of our scholarship programme who we met at one of our farm projects in 2010. Although Mariska was only in pre-primary at the time, we recognized a resilient twinkle in her eye despite her difficult family circumstances and lack of opportunities. Since then, we have been able to enrol and support her through 11 years of schooling at Stellenbosch Primary and Stellenbosch High School. We have been so proud to watch her grow into a confident and radiant young woman as she enters her Matric year as a boarding house prefect at Stellenbosch High School with plans to study nursing next year.

The most remarkable aspect of Mariska’s story is the beautiful heart with which she longs to give back to her community, and the action she puts behind this. During the last two difficult years of a COVID-disrupted school curriculum, Mariska has both succeeded with remote learning, and suggested and implemented the distribution of food and educational activities on behalf the Anna Foundation to other children on her farm who were unable to take part in remote learning. Over the years Mariska has been involved in many other Anna Foundation projects and has supported, guided and inspired so many young farm children who come from similar beginnings to her.

We now walk a path with her to secure her future plans of studying nursing. She wishes to establish herself in a career that will be of service to others and also allow her to support her own family and community. She will be the first member of her community to reach these heights and she hopes to inspire others to do the same. We know that wherever she ends up, she will continue to impact many lives through her vibrant personality and desire to always help others.