Get your hands on an Absa Cape Epic 2021 Charity Entry! 

Public entries for next year’s event sold out in seconds, but you can still enter a team for The Race That Measures All in support of the Anna Foundation.

A Charity Entry ticket for a team of two (payable by 15 June 2020) = R92,900 (ticket price) + R50,000 charity donation = TOTAL R142,900.

Since the Foundation’s first association with the event seven years ago, riding has become the fourth ‘R’ to our 3Rs Educational Programme, whose aim is to offer children lifelong learning and build positive self-worth and self-respect through Reading, Running and Right-ing (referring to right-living).

What is the charity donation used for? 

Your charity donation will go directly towards funding the ongoing costs of our Running and Riding programme components, which include sports coaches, monthly staff training, maintenance and repairs to our bike fleet, as well as site visits for learners throughout the year (such as event attendance and participation).

Please email to register your interest.